Monday, March 22, 2010

Hand Tools

Here is a selection of my favourite hand tools and the title of a "jewellery bible" used in the trade. It's hands themselves I love the most.

Monday, March 15, 2010

70's "Faux Black Pearl" Ring

My dad gave my mom this white gold, diamond and hematite ring back in the 70's. Then my mom gave it to me as a young girl. Although it's a very interesting piece, sadly it has sat in my jewellery box all these years. What can I say? It has never fit my lifestyle. It makes no sense for something to sit lifeless for so long, so I decided to revive it into the pendant below. I love it and wear it daily. (NFS)

70's Ring Pendant Re-Design

A couple of slices with the saw turned this pretty yet impractical ring into an ultra wearable necklace. Practical doesn't mean boring. It slides along the chain for a little playfulness and catches your eye with white and yellow gold, diamonds, and a "faux black pearl" hematite centre piece. A keeper and one to pass along, again.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Some of you may know my past beeswax jewellery. It is a labour of love and I am now finding new ways to make more exciting pieces. This is a photo I took last summer in Saskatchewan of some honeybee hives. Aren't they delightful?


My grandmother Emma gave me her spoons about a decade ago now. Finally, I am getting around to making some pretty pieces from the sterling ones. I guess I sat on it for awhile for 2 reasons : 1) because "spoon jewellery" conjures up images of a wrapped fork or spoon around a wrist and 2) the question, "can I cut up my grandma's spoons?". I got out my saw with confidence, knowing it could be done with finesse and knowing that my grandmother would have wanted me to. These are a few of the pendants I have just begun, alongside some earrings and and perhaps a bracelet too.

My Companion

These are some recent photos of my sweet boy, Cohen. 15 months.